On Location is a larp taking place in Gosport, UK  in two runs over the weekends of 20-23 July, and 10-13 August in Gosport, UK.

On Location previously ran successfully in December 2017, at the same location, so we’re opening it up to more participants this year.

It is a stand-alone event, for 32 players, and is not linked to any other event or to any campaign.

Characters are predesigned in skeleton, and players are encouraged and helped to personalize them by building on and adding to the character information that they will be given.

This is a larp about human drama and emotional exploration – there will be little action, there are no secret plots, and the rules and system are pretty much nonexistent.

On Location is aimed at people who enjoy internal and interpersonal tension, who like to develop and express their characters’ emotions through play, and who are interested in using a low-key open-ended approach to find and build engaging story and satisfying resolution.

We are an international group of designers and organizers, and we are expecting a mix of players from the UK and from other countries: so the larp will have a fully international flavour.

(photo from John Irving)

Panel 1



On Location will be played and organized in English, and you will need to have a conversational level of English to take part.

The characters can come from the UK, or elsewhere in Europe, or further afield, as you wish – you will decide your own character’s origins. So the use of bits of non-English languages for character colour is perfectly OK, as long as you make sure that all significant interactions take place in English.


You will be sleeping in single beds in comfortable shared rooms. There are a small number of ground-floor rooms, which will be assigned to participants for whom stairs aren’t accessible. Bathrooms are en suite, or shared between two or three  rooms.


Delicious cooked meals, prepared by dedicated and experienced caterers, will be provided throughout On Location. We will meet your dietary requirements/exclusions.


Participating in On Location costs £220. This covers accommodation for the three nights, and all food and drink during the larp. You can if you wish pay £275 instead – this will help subsidize a place for a larper who is on a low income, or who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the ticket. These subsidized tickets will cost £110, but their numbers will be limited according to the amount of £275 tickets that have been bought.


We will require you to bring your own costume, as appropriate to your character.


You are welcome to bring any props that you like, for your character. We will supply any props that are necessary for the larp.

(photo © The 1908 Lodge)

Panel 2


On Location is a ’boutique larp’ – a small-scale one-off event, with a vision of glamour, drama, and comfort. We reckon that your character will be better able to be tormented by emotional and existential angst, if you as a player are warm, well-fed, and sleeping comfortably. Our intention is to provide you with the optimum space for you to stretch yourself as you please.

(photo by Cyn at The Suburban Masquerade)