The Team

Larps on Location

Larps on Location is a non-profit organization set up for the purpose of running On Location. The officers are Kate Bennett and Mo Holkar. Our larp events are budgeted to break even: the designers and organizers are volunteers, and are not paid for any of their work.


Kate Bennett – organizer

Kate Bennett has larped since 2013, when a friend took her to a Curious Pastimes game and she discovered the joy of holidaying as a different person. Since then her many lives have included wolves, wizardry students, automatons and a very irritable Scottish groundskeeper to name but a few. She went to Knudepunkt in 2015 and it blew her mind a little. She now moonlights with The Game Kitchen and recently helped run the larp In Storage at the V&A Museum for their ‘Parallel Worlds’ Friday Late. This will be her first time running a larp longer than three hours. She is very excited.


Mo Holkar – designer and organizer

Mo Holkar has designed and/or organized upwards of 50 different larps, which have run in the UK, Australia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the USA, and probably a bunch of other places as well. Some are listed here!
Mo is an organizer of The Smoke, is on the bid and safety committees of Consequences, is an organizer of The Game Kitchen, and is an editor at


Will Osmond – organizer

Will discovered larp through his study of ‘immersive’ theatre, and is now a larp addict who enjoys intense emotional play. He is currently a PhD candidate at University of Surrey, investigating his own larping experiences using philosophies of participation.


Michael Such – organizer


Laura Wood – designer and organizer

Laura has designed several larps which have run in several countries throughout Europe including Here Comes a Candle, Down the Line and Inside. She is a co-organiser for The Smoke (London’s International Larp Festival), and an organiser of The Immersivist Club.

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(photo: self-portrait)

Oliver Facey – photographer

Oliver is an events photographer based in High Wycombe, UK. He specializes in reportage style covering of events, particularly Live Roleplaying. Oliver’s website is here:

(photo: Andy Love)

Caggles Catering Corps – caterers

Caggles Catering have been feeding larpers since 2012, when a group of players, unsatisfied after a weekend’s food at an event decided ‘we can do better than that!’ and put our money where our mouth is. We believe very strongly that no player, no matter how unusual their dietary needs, should ever be hungry, that a good, balanced menu should be tasty and filling, and that tea and coffee are a basic human right. We have catered for dozens of different systems, from Skullduggery to the LT, from Tommy Guns and Temperance to St Trinians vs The Evil Dead, and have won LARP Caterer of the Year in 2014 and 2016, coming runner up in 2015 and 2017. Email Caggles.

(photo: David Owen)

Karolina Soltys – acknowledgments

A notorious bleed-addict, Karolina Soltys runs The Immersivist Club: a group regularly playing Nordic-style larps in London. She has designed and co-designed seven larps, which have run at several festivals. She is in the organizing committee of The Smoke. Karolina was involved in the early stages of the design of On Location, and most of the good ideas in it came from her!


Access:LARP – thanks

We’d like to thank the terrific Access:LARP site for help with our accessibility, and with our equality and diversity policies. If you’re a larp organizer yourself, we really recommend that you check in with them for some guidance and advice.

(photo: Oliver Facey)