Because On Location will bring together people from different larp cultures, with different behavioural norms, we want to make sure that the ground rules are made explicit. We do not anticipate any problematic behaviour at the larp: but we want to state clearly ahead of time what will not be acceptable, so prospective participants will be aware of our community standards.

Equality, diversity, and accessibility

We start from a position of absolute mutual respect among participants and organizers. We will not tolerate any form of discriminatory activity or speech, on the basis of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, physical or mental health, religion, or any other characteristic.

On Location has been designed to allow in-character discriminatory behaviour only where both parties (the player of the character showing prejudice, and the player of the character who is the victim of it) have explicitly opted in. Our reasons for this are discussed in the Design section of this website. Other than in these opted-in cases, being in-character will not be an acceptable reason for displaying prejudice, or other intolerant behaviour.

We endeavour to the best of our ability to make On Location accessible for all would-be participants, whatever their needs may be. We will ask interested people to contact us (in confidence) with details of their requirements, so we can make sure we have them covered.

Although characters may have backgrounds containing sexual violence or abuse these topics will not be role-played during the game.

Anti-harassment and general safety

The safety of participants at On Location is our absolute priority as organizers. We urge you to report any harassment or other dangerous or threatening behaviour, or any other breach of our tolerance policy, to us as soon as you’re able. We will deal with it firmly, up to and including expulsion from the larp.

If you prefer to report anonymously or via a third party, we will honour that wish. In all cases, we promise to treat your report seriously, and to treat you with respect.


During the larp itself we will have a member of the organizing team on duty at all times to receive reports of any incidents, or of any concerns that you might have as a participant, either in person or via a dedicated phone number. Contact details will be made available nearer the time.

If you wish to contact us before or after the event, perhaps because you have concerns about another participant or about behaviour, or you have accessibility questions, please use the main organizer email mo@epic-experience.org.uk. All three main organizers, Mo, Laura. and Will, will see these messages.


We have a strict rule of no alcohol before or during the larp. We want to make sure that all participants are sober throughout. (The same applies to recreational drugs.)

There will be faux-alcoholic drinks provided, which you can use to get your character drunk, of course: that’s absolutely fine.

Once On Location is finished, there’s a party, at which alcohol is allowed.


We have a specialist photographer for the larp, the very wonderful Oliver Facey, who is also playing THE STILLS PHOTOGRAPHER – so his character will be photographing your character, and also he will be photographing you.

After the larp, Oliver will put the processed pictures up on a private area of his website, for you to check them over. You will then have the right of takedown over any picture in which you appear – if you request a takedown, that picture will never be published or shared on in any form.

Photos that survive the takedown, Oliver will then upload to Facebook, and make them available for you to share as you wish. But we will require that you don’t tag anyone apart from yourself – unless you have that person’s permission to tag them.

You’re welcome to take photos yourself too, of course – but we will require that you follow the same privacy protocols around takedown and tagging.


(We would like to thank the terrific Access:LARP site for help with our accessibility, and with our equality and diversity policies. If you’re a larp organizer yourself, we really recommend that you check in with them for some guidance and advice.)

(photo: Oliver Facey)