On Location is time-in overnight – ie. you are welcome to be in character and roleplay at any time of night, there isn’t a curfew on it. However! We appreciate that not everyone will want to be doing so, and that everyone will need some sleep. And some people will prefer to have the whole period off-game from when they start preparing for sleep to when they finish getting dressed in the morning.

So we have a simple mechanism for declaring your bedroom to be offgame – you hang a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign on the handle. This will be respected by the other players, and they won’t come in and try to roleplay with you. (Of course, if you and the other people who are sharing your bedroom want to have brief in-character conversations amongst yourselves while the sign is on the door, that’s fine – we aren’t going to be policing it. But the understanding is that when the sign goes up, the role-playing stops.)

So then: some of you will already know that you’re likely to want to use the DO NOT DISTURB sign, while others may already know that they want to remain up for larp all night long. So we will try and make sure that these two types of people are not put in bedrooms sharing together! We will ask you what your DO NOT DISTURB preferences are likely to be, and we’ll allocate roommates along those lines. This doesn’t commit you to anything – you can always change your mind during the larp, by agreement with your roommates (or indeed you can swap rooms, if everyone’s happy) – this is just to give an initial baseline in which everyone’s happy that their nighttime rest will be as disturbed/undisturbed as they wish.

(photo: Oliver Facey)